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Day 406

October 18, 2012

Another day, another mid-term. But first, The Beatles! (Yeah, yeah, yeah!!)

Yes, in History of Rock & Roll, it was time for the British Invasion–where did it come from, why was it so fleeting, where did it go? And how and why did the music evolve–from light pop by the Beatles in 1963 to psychedelic grooviness in 1967 to heavy rock by Led Zeppelin in 1969?

As a bonus, the homework is listening to Beatles songs, so how cool is that?

On to Business Ethics, where we learned about the ethics of whistle-blowing. When is it ethical to blow the whistle on (perceived) unethical corporate behaviour, and when is it not?

Then, yes, what would a day be without a  mid-term exam? So let’s do one in FCF. Depth filters. Diatomaceous earth. Finings. PvPP. Collagen structures. π-bonds. Oh my.

Another long day, with more tests and mid-terms lurking in the shadows.


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