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Day 408

October 19, 2012

Maybe I was a bit premature yesterday in thinking that Reading Week had already started. Although I didn’t have any classes today, I had an on-line Health & Safety exam for Practical Brewing, then some answers to post to the History of Rock & Roll on-line discussion group.

With the most immediate school work out of the way, time to head in to Toronto and move the Call of Brew-ty: Black Hops to a firkin for Cask Days. I brought a small container of perhaps 125 mL of pulverized smoked chipotle, courtesy of Chef Michael Olson of Niagara College. The question was, how much chipotle to add to 40 litres of schwarzbier? The assistant brewmaster looked at the container of chipotle, then at me, then at the container.

“Add it all,” he suggested.

“All?” I gulped.


So I added it all.

You have been warned.


Day 375

September 17, 2012

Brewmaster students sometimes get a chance to be a bit creative outside the college–but frequently you have to be flexible with regards to time–and sleep.

Earlier this week, I got a text message from my summertime brewery: would I be willing to come in early on Saturday morning to brew up a special beer of my choice on their pilot system for the upcoming Cask Days festival?


Saturday sunrise over Toronto: Hey, there’s no rush hour!

Well, yes I would. So it was that well before the sun arose, I was heading into Toronto, trying to get my brain going with a large double double. On the plus side: no rush-hour traffic on a Saturday morning.

Two weeks ago in Sensory Evaluation, Chef Olson had showed us a chipotle pepper that he had created by smoking/dehydrating a jalapeño pepper. Since then, the idea of brewing a spicy chipotle beer had been at the back of my mind. I was thinking of using a dark porter or stout as a base–smoked porters are all the rage in some places–but I didn’t want the roasted barley notes of the porter to overwhelm the smokiness of the chipotles. Hmmm. A black lager (known in Germany as ein schwarzbier) is noted for having no roasty notes. Hmmm. Okay, let’s go with the black lager.

So it was that I arrived at the brewery in the cold light of dawn clutching what was left of my large doube double and 500 grams of Black Prinz malt–a malted barley that is designed to add dark colour to a beer without adding any roasty, chocolate or coffee notes.

The brew went well, and boy, was it black. Dark black coffee black. Alas, the specific gravity was a bit lower than expected–I’ll have to check my recipe on Monday in Brewhouse Calculations. But it was black. Adding lager yeast to the wort made it, by definition, a black lager.

Next step while the lager is fermenting is to buy some jalapeño peppers. Oh, and find a smoker. And find out how to use the smoker. And smoke the jalapeños. And then doubtless buy a second batch of jalapeños. And then smoke them properly the second time around.

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