What is a Student of Beer?

When I was young and foolish, I didn’t actually like the taste of beer. This wasn’t surprising, because when I was in high school and university, pretty much all beer in North America tasted like fizzy corn-flavoured water. Then in 1985, somebody handed me a bottle of Upper Canada Dark Ale. The heavens opened, the angels sang and the glory shone down. Beer actually had flavour. It was delicious.

My life was never the same. I began a lifelong quest to taste all the good beer in the world.

I originally thought tasting a thousand different good beers would just about cover that, and in the beginning, it was probably a pretty accurate guess. However, as time went on, a funny thing happened. A few craft brewers like Granville Island in British Columbia, Upper Canada in Ontario and Pete’s Wicked in the U.S. turned into hundreds of new craft brewers–so much so that although I’ve recently reached the thousand-good-beer mark, I find, like Sisyphus, that my task is no closer to completion.

When Niagara College in Ontario, Canada announced their new Brewmaster & Brewery Operations Management course, I decided I had to take my craft beer habit one step further: I enrolled in the two-year program, quit my job and became a college student.

Hence this blog, the on-going tale of the harrowing day-to-day exploits of a (not-so-young and naïve) student of beer.

Then I graduated. And discovered that I still have a lot more to learn about beer. The journey continues…

2 Comments on “What is a Student of Beer?”

  1. Alan, (I hope that’s your name, I found it on Jordan’s blog) I run a site called Beerwriters where I syndicate teasers from various beer related web sites. I’d like to add your blog to the site. I think a lot of readers would be interested in the day to day experiences of a brewmaster student.
    If you are interested please have a look at http://www.beerwriters.com and if you agree send me an email.
    Bruce Ticknor

  2. eddie Says:

    When I moved to the USA from Holland it was hard for me to find some good beer. (Let’s be honest Budweiser and Coors are no beer)
    Since I moved to Kentucky it took me a while to find stores that sell beer brands.
    So . I know what you mean, i just did it in reverse order.
    If you ever get the change go to Holland, Germany and Belgium to find some awesome beers.
    Great website by the way. Like you style of writing.

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