No classes? Now what?

And so, our sojourn to the West Coast finished, Elaine and I returned to southern Ontario. The next morning I awoke to face the puzzling phenomenon that eventually happens to every student: no classes.

Being an analytical kind of guy, I decided to analyze this.

  1. Observation: No classes.
  2. Probable causes:
    • It’s Christmas vacation
    • It’s Reading Week
    • It’s Summer vacation
    • I’m finished school
  3. Examine the evidence:
    • No Christmas carols playing in stores
    • No assignments to finish
    • No new courses to choose
    • Diploma hanging on bedroom wall
  4. Conclusion: I’ve finished school.
  5. Problem: No money in bank
  6. Analysis: Lack of income while attending college meant outgo was higher than income.
  7. Observation: Income comes from inheritance, investment or work
  8. Hypothesis: I need to get a job in order to earn income
  9. Experiment #1: Open front door. No lawyers standing there holding inheritance cheques.
  10. Experiment #2: Multiply bank balance by expected interest to arrive at expected income. $0 x n% = $0
  11. Conclusion: Hypothesis is correct. Get a job.

Having solved the problem of what to do, I immediately sprang into action: I drove to the college to clean out my locker and buy some beer.

While I was there, I had a conversation with the dean of the department about the Brewmaster course and some of the problems with curriculum that my fellow students had identified.

When I left the college, I had my safety boots that had been stored in my locker, I had a growler of Butler’s Bitter — a beer that had just won a gold medal at the Canadian Brewing Awards — and I had a job.

Yes, over the summer, I will be working at Niagara College  trying to identify duplication in the Brewmaster curriculum — stuff that is being taught twice or even three times — as well as needed curriculum that is not being covered at all.

Excuse me while I put my analytical hat back on…

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2 Comments on “No classes? Now what?”

  1. Doug Steele Says:

    Looking forward to you improving the course I’m starting September! Incidentally, WordPress knows you too well. The notification e-mail I received telling me of your latest post contains a certain number of characters from your post. In this case, it ended “Being an analytical kind of guy, I decided to anal” 🙂

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