Day 589

Two more exams today.

First up was Sales & Promotion. Pretty straightforward mix of multiple choice, short and long answer.

Then Brewery Management–a mix of multiple choice and short answer, plus one long question that involved rounding off hectolitres of beer for purposes of excise taxation. (Long question: I hate it when you think you’ve got the proper way to solve the question figured out, then right after the exam is over, someone mentions the proper way to do the question. D’ohh!)

Brewmaster Class of 2013

Brewmaster Class of 2013 and cask of grad beer

Although most of us have one exam left, a few students have to leave early in order to start new jobs, so they have already written the last exam. Yes, this was their final day. It seemed like an appropriate time to gather in front of the Teaching Brewery for a quick snapshot with Brewmaster Jon Downing and our cask of graduation beer (“The Fox Sleeps in the Barn” Niagara Peach Lambic-Style Sour Brett Ale).

The cask will be tapped this evening. Luckily for all concerned, our final exam is not until the day after tomorrow.

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One Comment on “Day 589”

  1. Andrea Says:

    The final countdown! Just think, you may never have to write an exam again after Friday. (Then again, you probably thought that when you finished college the first time round….)

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