Day 588

Exam Week.

First up was Human Resources. Relatively straightforward and short, just 40 multiple choice questions.

Next was Beer Industry. This exam featured a mix of multiple choice, short answer and long answer, and was “open book”–we could bring in notes, reference books, a laptop connected to the internet, a smartphone Angry Birds exam app–anything we wanted. As always with an open book exam, you’ll generally do well if you know the material well enough that you only have to fact-check an item or two and you have relatively well-organized notes. Open-book exams are big trouble for the people who have to look up all the answers.

Two more exams tomorrow, so time to get studying! No time to even have a beer or write a blog entry. (As you can see, I lied about at least 50% of the last sentence. And possibly more.)

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One Comment on “Day 588”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Two down, three to go? Waiting with bated breath for your entry on the Very Last Exam!

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