Day 563

I’m not usually on campus on a Saturday, but today was the college Open House. As part of our Sales & Promotion class, we have been in charge of planning how we would present the Teaching Brewery. A couple of months ago, we split into four committees–Tours, Education, Food and Logisitics–and seperately made plans for the day. Today all those plans got brought back together.

Visitors to the brewery first entered a tent with an educational display about the various ingredients we use. From there, they got a 5-minute tour of the brewery–we had set up a sample mash, vorlauff and boil on the three pilot systems to demonstrate the brewing system, and two 1st-year volunteers were bottling college beer. Our guests were then ushered into the hospitality tent set up behind the brewery, where we had 15 different student beers on tap (including the mostly full cask of Blackheart, which had survived its blown bung in fine form). We also offered fresh-cooked beer sausages, as well as waffles with hop-infused syrup.

I had the opportunity to meet several incoming Brewmaster students, as well as some students who were still a year away from applying, and had an enjoyable time talking to them about the program in between tours.

The only improvement we could have made was to arrange for warmer weather. On the other hand, the cold March day with a frigid wind out of the north encouraged guests to hang out in the hospitality tent longer–no reason to waste all that beer, right?


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