Day 551

I was supposed to package my specialty beer on Thursday this week, but the universe had other plans. Rick Mercer was coming a-calling at the college today to shoot segments for his TV show in both the brewery and the college winery, so a couple of us students with beers ready to package were asked to come in and bottle our beers a few days early.

Rick Mercer, showing no ill effects from drinking my beer.

Rick Mercer, showing no ill effects from drinking my black IPA straight from the bottle.

Imagine the scene. There we were, innocently bottling beer whilst whistling cheery melodies, when suddenly we were having a conversation with Rick Mercer.

(Okay, it wasn’t that sudden. We had to be wired up for sound, the camera operator checked some shots, the producer adjusted a few things… you know, the old “hurry up and wait” thing. Us TV veterans–having done three minutes of TV, I am now classifying myself as a TV veteran–are used to it. But I digress…)

Once everything was ready, we showed Rick how to bottle a beer, and how to cap the beer. Rick then showed us how to open a bottle of beer with his eye socket–I’m not kidding about that–and also how to drink the beer straight from the bottle. (I didn’t share this with him, but I already know how to do the last part.)

A handshake, a few more seconds for a quick photo with Rick, then he moved on and we finished bottling our beer.

If the TV gods are with us, our conversation with Rick won’t end up on the editing room floor, and next Tuesday (March 19), we will be pasted across your flat screen TV for a few seconds. Don’t blink.

However, the really exciting news is that this means that 60 bottles of Blackheart Black IPA are now on sale at the campus retail beer store, so hustle on in and buy them up before they are all gone. (And remember to drink it right away–unfiltered, remember?)

If it will get you to the store faster: It pours black and opaque, with the slightest hint of ruby at the edges. The fine-beaded ivory head is rocky and long-lasting.  The nose speaks of fresh cut apples and pears, with just a slight hint of citrus and pine. The mouthfeel is medium-to full-bodied, the flavour sweet at the forefront with notes of chocolate and coffee; however, a firm bitterness quickly moves in and provides a dry finish with hints of roastiness. Will pair well with curries, spicy sausage, shepherd’s pie, roast beef.

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