Day 539

Halfway through Reading Week, and the siren song of homework has still not seduced me into opening a book yet. I guess I am just strong-willed that way.

Alas, today more important matters called (again). It was time to transfer my brown ale, “50 Shades of Grain”, from fermenter to cask.

As I did so, I also added five more components to the cask, bringing the total to 50 ingredients. What were the final five? Let’s just say that I used my “mad scientist” laugh more than once during the process.

So, good night, sweet cask: And flights of hop angels sing thee to thy rest!

Tomorrow: homework. Absolutely. No excuses. Oh wait, I’ve got to check on the black IPA at the college brewery…

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One Comment on “Day 539”

  1. Canageek Says:

    I was there, he did indeed use a mad scientist laugh.

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