Day 517

Now that we’ve decided on job descriptions and planned for our employment needs in Human Resources, it’s time to recruit some employees. Are we looking to fill the position from inside the company, find someone from outside, or both?

When hiring from inside the comnpany, you may not even have to post the position–perhaps you already have developed a databank or inventory of employee skills. If so, then it’s possible you may discover that one of your current employees is perfect for the position. Or you may already have some sort of succession planning in place–Person B is groomed to take over Person A’s position when eventually Person A retires, resigns or gets promoted. Person C is groomed to take over Person B’s position, Person D is groomed to take over Person C’s positions and so on. If you don’t have a skill inventory or succession planning, then you’ll have to post the job on company bulletin boards (or on the company intranet, if that’s the way your company rolls.) The advantage of hiring someone from the inside is that they’ll already be familiar with the company and how things get done. There are several potential disadvantages, though. Things will likely continue to be done the same way as before, since the new person likely learned how to do the job from the old person. And yes, if there was some competition for the job, or an expectation that someone would get the job and then didn’t get it, there may be bad feelings in the company for some time.

If you hire from outside, the new person may likely bring new ideas and new skills to the table. The disadvantage is that the person will need training and familiarization with your company.

Before we put an ad in the paper, there’s a bit of work to do. First, what are we looking for? Is it possible to fill the position with someone who is being laid off? Or can you divide the work between two or three underworked employees? The job description–is it up-to-date?

Okay, assuming you still need to hire someone after going through all this, it’s time to let the world know about this position. Hopefully that will attract 4 or 5 qualified candidates–a good pool from which to find the best person.

However, the rest of the process will have to wait until next class, because we had to move on to Beer Industry, where we all made group presentations about an imaginary brewery (or brewpub or contract brewer) for which we had imagined imaginary equipment bought with imaginary money. (The financial figures we had to add up didn’t seem so imaginary though.)


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