Day 513

Do you like your job? According to what we learned in Human Resources, most people want a job that require a variety of skills, where they do something significant, with some degree of autonomy, and have an open channel to their supervisor to provide feedback. However, before you go changing everyone’s job description, some people are content to punch a clock, put in their daily shift and not have to think so much. How you tell the two types apart wasn’t covered.

In Beer Evaluation, we first did a triangle test–we tried three cups of beer, two of which were the same, and had to pick out which was was the single.

Next we were given ten different beers to sample, a list of ten different off-flavours that were present and asked to identify which beer had which off-flavour. I have a cold–very annoying for anyone, but doubly so for this Student of Beer because when I get the sniffles, even good beer tastes awful. So I was very pleased that I got a few of them right despite my handicap.

On to the weekend, where with three assignments due next week and two tests, I shall endeavour to sniffle, cough, type and study–alas, without the aid of beer.


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