Day 463

Felt a bit better today–no fever, just an annoying cough, which was a good thing since I had to get up before the crack of dawn to go online and choose my timetable for second semester.Then off to college for the last Tuesday of the semester.

We wrapped up History of Rock & Roll by asking the question “Is rock & roll dead?” Certainly the patient’s symptoms are not good: the top touring acts are currently the Rolling Stones, the Who, AC/DC and other bands from the 60s and 70s. Classic rock radio stations are booming. And the main audience for classic rock–the Baby Boomers–are in their 50s and 60s. What happens when the Boomers turn off the radio? Where is the next generation of rock going to come from, and what will it sound like? Is rock in its terminal phase? Or will it cheat death and revive, as it has done several times in the past?

At the end of the class, we received our take-home final exam–we have three days to complete what looks to be a couple of hours of work.

In Business Ethics, our final exam isn’t until tomorrow, so it was the last class of one-on-one debates. Prof. Perry did share with us that he would be comparing the marks from our mid-term exam and our final exam and only taking the higher of the two. Therefore, if we were happy with our mid-term mark, we can skip tomorrow’s 8:30 a.m. exam. Since I was very pleased with my mid-term exam mark, I think at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow morning I will be enjoying a second cup of coffee, possibly in my pyjamas.

On to FCF, where we did have a final exam. It was my favourite type, rigourous but fair, covering all topics in the class, the percentage of marks and time on the exam roughly corresponding to the percentage of time we had spent on the topic in class. If you had been paying attention in class, and had reviewed the previous tests and exams, it was pretty straightforward, and was probably a good indicator of how well you undestood the various concepts.

One more exam tomorrow, so off to study study study.

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One Comment on “Day 463”

  1. Canageek Says:

    I think that is in part because your generation listens to a lot of the same music. Look at the modern bands I listen too: They are all small bands, but I listen to a lot of them. Same with Christopher. Now look at how little overlap there is between us. That lets older bands dominate the top of the charts, even if more people are listening to modern music.

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