Day 456

We are nearing the end of the story in History of Rock & Roll.  It’s the 1990s, and alt rock has hit the stage. But what happens when alt achieves the things that differentiates it from mainstream, namely radio play and record sales? Is it alt rock any more, or just another case of “sell out”?

And what about rap music? Has it reached its zenith? The intriguing concept was put to us that all rock music goes through three stages:

  1. Pioneer
  2. Perfecter
  3. Parasite (or Pretender, if you prefer)

So Carl Perkins was a pioneer, the Beatles perfected the form, and Electric Light Orchestra lived off of pseudo-Beatles music for most of the 70s. Go ahead, take your favourite age of rock music and fill in the three blanks. Rap would appear to be no exception to the Rule of the 3 Ps, so will it continue to thrive, or will it be replaced by something else that rediscovers innovation? That, of course, raised another interesting question: can any rock band survive success?

On to Business Ethics: more one-on-one debates.

In FCF, the final class before next week’s exam was all review. Just a quick skim of all the things we have covered took two hours.

And then the college threw a party for the beer, wine and food students. Free food! Yay! Free beer! Bigger yay! (But it was only two small glasses of beer: Smaller yay!)

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