Day 407

The day started at the uncivilized hour of 8:30 a.m. with another in-class case study in Business Ethics worth 5% of our final mark. This time, it was an examination of the American Red Cross and its ethical and organizational failures over the past 15 years– a clear case of the corporation that loses sight of its original purpose and instead becomes an institution that exists simply to exist.

For Sensory Evaluation, we met at the Wine Education Centre, then took a quick tour of the 16-hectare (40-acre) vineyard attached to the college as well as the college winery, courtesy of the college’s vintner. Pretty interesting stuff, and it was only grudgingly that we moved back to the tasting lab for… more wine? No, for a test about wine.

Then a lecture about local winemaking in Canada, particularly Ontario, and the grapes that are commonly grown in the Niagara region.

Then (finally) we tasted some more wine: a Niagara College chardonnay, a Niagara region Riesling, and a Niagara College Pinot Franc.

Time to go home and do an on-line mid-term exam on health and safety for Practical Brewing.

And then all the tests, presentations and mid-terms are finished. It must be time for Reading Week! No classes next week! Huzzah!

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One Comment on “Day 407”

  1. Reading week? Doesn’t that mean brewing week? Open invite for a brew day next week! Earlier is better. šŸ˜‰

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