Day 379

A Business Ethics pop quiz at 8:30 a.m. D’ohh!

Well, perhaps “pop quiz” is a misnomer. We knew it was coming, and it wasn’t really a quiz, but there was no way to prepare for it, and it was worth marks, so I’m going with “pop quiz”.

Prof. Perry chose names out of a hat to randomly divide us into groups of three. We were given a case study about the role that the mortgage lender Countrywide Financial had in the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007. In  two hours, each team had to summarize the facts of the case study, then outline the various ethical dilemmas arising from this case, listing the various options for each dilemma.

Whew! Time to assuage our tired minds with a little artery-clogging fat. Yes, in Sensory Evaluation, Chef Olson introduced us to deep fried foods. (Not that anyone really needed any introduction to them.) In brewpubs, deep fried foods are often a profitable mainstay of the menu, partially because the dish can be prepared very quickly (faster turnover means higher profit), and also because using a deep fryer is pretty simple: submerge the food in hot oil until it turns a crispy brown. Drain. Serve. Cordon bleu chefs need not apply.

First Chef Olson went over the science of deep frying–dry heat versus moist heat, the typical kitchen set-up for a deep fryer, the fume hood requirements, the danger of dropping water or ice into hot oil,  the types of oil that can be used and their pros and cons, what causes the oil to break down, the theory behind breading or battering deep fried foods, and the various ways to prepare chicken wings.

The lecture carefully digested, it was time to move on to the tasting: mushrooms in both a typical yeast batter and a tempura batter; breaded zucchini sticks; and dusted spicy chicken wings. We sampled each against a Trappist ale, a British pale ale and a wheat beer, to see which pairing worked best for each dish.

For some reason, Sensory Evaluation is becoming the highlight of the week.

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