Day 372

Ahhh, talking about rock & roll for three hours–who wouldn’t like that? Yes, today was History of Rock & Roll. Since this is an elective that might not be available in future years, I won’t spend a lot of time describing it. Suffice to say that I liked the professor, and I think I will enjoy studying rock & roll music from its early roots in jazz and blues right through to today.

On to another installment of Business Ethics. Today after some discussion about how we develop our sense of morality, Prof. Perry introduced what we will be spending a lot of time considering: ethical dilemmas. First we examined a couple of systems for analyzing them as an aid in deciding what to do.  Then we were given the following dilemma, based on a historical incident from 1842: Following a shipwreck in the middle of the ocean, a single surviving lifeboat is left afloat with the captain and 9 passengers. The captain knows the boat is seriously overloaded and will sink unless he can lighten the load by half. As another storm approaches, the captain is faced with an ethical dilemma: Does he force five passengers out of the boat in order to save the other five, or does he do nothing and sacrifice all ten lives? Hmm, glad I never aspired to be a sea captain.

After a two-hour break–and a bit of Frisbee-tossing in the sunshine–it was time for Filtration, Carbonation and Finishing, another course that has had a last-minute change of instructors. Despite having only a couple of weeks to prepare, Nate Ferguson showed up ready to teach. Nate is the quality control dude at Grand River Brewing, and evidently knows his stuff. Today’s session was mainly review, allowing Nate to see what we knew about filtration and how well we knew it.

We were not expecting to get out of class until 6:30 p.m., so I said, “Yay!” when Nate released us a bit early.

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