Day 365

Three hundred and sixty-five days–the end of the first year since this adventure began. Although my classes don’t start until tomorrow, I was on campus today, picking up a parking pass and snaffling a locker for my steel-toed Wellies. I also happened to be passing by at the right time, and got pulled into the 1st-Year Brewmaster orientation, possibly as an example of what not to do. Similar to last year, we listened to greetings from the dean, the head of the Wine, Beer and Food department, various teachers and professors, a member of the student union, and Jon Downing, the college brewmaster.

And we got to taste samples of Niagara College beer. Hey, we didn’t get samples of beer last year! (This goes to show once again the value of being in the right place at the right time.)

Several of the 1st-year students came over to chat afterwards–turns out that they have read a few posts of this blog, and one of them has decided to start up his own blog about his college experiences. That got me to thinking that if a third Brewmaster student begins to write a blog, we’ll have started a movement, according to Arlo Guthrie.

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