Day 350

I was once again drawn back to thoughts of school a few weeks early–well, actually, not thoughts of school, but thoughts of hops. Specifically, I received an invitation to Mike Driscoll’s annual Harvest Hop on the afternoon of Saturday, September 8.

This was a lot of fun last year, and had the added benefit of being quite educational, as well as a good opportunity to meet many of the hop growers in Ontario. However, attendance by 1st-year Brewmaster students was quite low–understandable, since we only found out about it three days before the event.

If you are an incoming 1st-year Brewmaster student reading this, mark the date in your calendar and pass the news on to any other 1st-year students you might know.

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3 Comments on “Day 350”

  1. Eric Ross Says:

    Where can I find more information about this?

    • Alan Brown Says:

      I have posted the invitation on the NC Brewmaster Facebook page. Pass it on to other 1st-year students as you meet them. Note that invitations are limited to craft brewers, Brewmaster students and hop growers.

      • Eric Ross Says:

        Just saw it, I will try to alert my classmates once we start. Don’t know any other first years yet.

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