Day 332

Although it is still another month until classes start, our minds were drawn away from our summer jobs and back to school, if only for a few minutes: today we were able to log in to see what our fall semester timetable looks like.

Last year, most of our first semester classes were crammed into Mondays and Fridays. This year, we only have one class on Mondays, and no classes on Fridays–instead, most of our classes are crammed into Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Go figure.

However, before I could really get a sense of my timetable, I had to pick my elective and fit it into my timetable. Yes, in the second year of the Brewmaster program, we have our choice of one course in the fall semester, and another in the winter semester. In order to stretch our minds and apparently provide us with a more well-rounded education, the course can’t be related to the Brewmaster program–no business, biology, or chemistry. That pretty well means choices drawn from liberal arts, sociology, kinesiology, psychology, etc.

However, unlike larger universities, where hundreds of courses are available, the college’s options are much more limited; and even those choices are further constrained because the course has to fit in with my pre-existing Brewmaster timetable. In the end, it turned out that the only electives I could choose from were either scheduled for 8:30 am on Tuesday mornings–making an already long day even longer–or were on-line courses:

  • Canada Through Film (Tues morning)
  • Shredding, Ripping and Wailing: Rhythm and Solo Guitar (Tues morning)
  • History of Jazz  (On-line)
  • History of Rock and Roll (Tues morning)
  • Da Vinci Code Mysteries (On-line)
  • Comparative World Religions (On-line)
  • Vegas- Understanding the Odds (Tues morning)
  • Journey to Great Health and Fitness (Tues morning)
  • Social Deviance (Tues morning)

The immediate impulse is, of course, to take an on-line course, which can be completed in the comfort of your own home while wearing pyjamas and drinking frozen margaritas. However, perhaps in a move to quell such thoughts, the college charges an additional $47 fee to take an on-line course. As a knee-jerk reaction against such obvious profiteering by an educational institution, I decide to take one of the Tuesday morning courses, and select History of Rock & Roll, which sounds like a bit of fun.

Hopefully I can bring in my original Beatles LPs for extra credit.

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