Day 316

The mother of all heat waves has settled over southern Ontario, the record high temperatures exacerbating the current seven-week drought. The thermometer says 37°C (99°F), and the humidity makes it feel like 45°C (113°F). That’s outside, of course. Inside the brewery, as we lean over the hot lauter tun to shovel out the heavy wet grain that was soaking in 67°C (153°F) water only minutes before, the heat feels much more intense.

To take our minds off the heat as we work, the brewmaster and I try to think of occupations that would be worse during a heat wave:

  • a roofer
  • the dude who shovels asphalt from a truck and then rakes it
  • a fire fighter in full gear
  • an air conditioner repairman fixing a rooftop unit

When we step into the air conditioned office, it feels like a refrigerator. Time to chug another bottle of Gatorade.


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One Comment on “Day 316”

  1. Canageek Says:

    Reminds me of 2 summers ago. AC in the building was broken, so there I was, standing beside an isotherm filled with litres of 60 C water, in a double thickness labcoat (Think sweater). The mercury (no really, I had a mercury thermometer) read 35, but that didn’t count humidity or the labcoat.

    When I took my gloves off, there would be several millilitres of sweat in the fingertips.

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