Day 224

Today was “Hump Day”: completing exams two and three out of five means we’re over the hump and heading downhill.

First up was Packaging. When the first of us arrived at the tasting lab–not that we needed the tasting lab for this exam, it just happened to be our scheduled exam room for Packaging–we discovered that Doug Pengelly had just finished proctoring an exam for the 2nd-year students. In honour of their graduation in two days, he had served them zweites Frühstück (literally “second breakfast”, a traditional Bavarian breakfast of veal sausage, pretzels and wheat beer), and lo! there was some left. OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!

Frühstück: the civilized way to write a morning exam

Zweites Frühstück: the civilized way to write a morning exam

I have to say, noshing on zweites Frühstück while writing an exam is extremely civilized. Can’t think of the answer? Well, let me just have a sip of wheat beer while I think about this. And another sip. Oh, perhaps one more sip. Now where was I? Oh, am I still working on that question? I’d better have a sip of wheat beer and think about it. And perhaps another sip…

Yes, I did finish the exam within the time allotted–probably because I had emptied my beer glass.

Alas, no beer during the Microbiology exam this afternoon. Given the amount of studying I had done, it was an easy exam to pass (I think). However, given the amount of information we had processed over the past four months, it was a difficult exam to get a really good mark on (I think).

Next up is a review session for Chemistry tomorrow afternoon, then an Equipment exam tomorrow night.

Study study study study.

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