Day 215

Our final week of first-year classes started with one last batch of business presentations in Strategic Communications. Inevitably, it seems, this meant more proposals for breweries and brewpubs in southern Ontario–apparently Kitchener is going to be the Mecca of craft brew in the next decade if the presentations are any indication. There were also a couple of intriguing business ideas peripheral to the brewing industry.

And one of the presenters also dedicated a very amusing poem to our instructor, Prof. Sandra Merk–no bonus marks awarded though.

So that’s it for Strategic Communications, except for an on-line summary of our thoughts about the course.

Bonus: no final exam!

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2 Comments on “Day 215”

  1. I’ll stay right here in Cambridge and await the building of this “Mecca” of which you speak. It may be I’m already witnessing (and participating) in the thin edge of the wedge. 😉

    • Alan Brown Says:

      The K-W/Guelph/Cambridge axis is already home to a number of breweries and brewpubs. It will be interesting to see if new plants will try to build a new customer base, or whether they will simply result in a dilution of the existing customer base.

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