Day 196

Today was actually our last lecture from Prof. Sandra Merks in Strategic Communications—for the last three weeks of the semester, we will be making our business plan presentations to the rest of the class.

Today was about the importance of making proper attributions in our reports—in other words, giving proper credit for using other people’s work, and making sure the attributions are in the proper format. Then on to what you call it when you don’t properly credit your sources: plagiarism.

And here’s something I did not know: I can plagiarize myself. If I re-cycle an essay or report I might have previously written–say, in high school or university—that would count as plagiarism. Huh.

Not that I think my old essays about John Mills and utilitarianism or themes of facial disfigurement in CanLit are going to help me write a business plan.

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One Comment on “Day 196”

  1. I suppose it depends on whether your business includes repairing facial deformity in the fictional.

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