Day 193

Last week in Sensory  Evaluation, my taste buds were on some kind of holiday. This week, they were clearly back on-line, as I had no difficulty distinguishing four more off-flavours: 3-methyl-4-butyl-5-thiol (MBT or “lightstruck”), hydrogen sulphide (rotten eggs), oxidation and sour infection. As a matter of fact, I didn’t actually have to taste any of the off-flavour beers–I was able to distinguish all of them by smell alone (especially the hydrogen sulphide–whew!

On the plus side, a classmate gave me a bottle of Samuel Adams Dark Depths Baltic IPA, which I shared with the class–an excellent way to remove the memory of today’s off flavours from our taste buds.

In Chemistry and Microbiology, it was mainly a review of the formation of amino acids, oxo-acids, diacetyl, sulphurs, aldehydes, fusel alcohols and esters during fermentation, but we also went into more detail today about how to encourage or discourage the production of each of them.


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