Day 184

Back in the Teaching Brewery for the first time in four weeks. My team was on the large system, making 5 hectolitres (500L) of First Draft Ale. At the start of the day, we didn’t have an empty fermenter available. That’s not unusual–normally what we would do is while our new batch is boiling, we set up a filter, and transfer the contents of one of the fermenters to the bright tank, giving us–ta da!–an empty fermenter.

However, the bright tank was full of hundreds of litres of beer waiting to be bottled or kegged. We clearly couldn’t transfer beer to it.

So as my two partners brewed the new batch, I kegged beer.And kegged beer. And kegged beer. In all, I filled six 50-litre kegs and sixteen 20-litre “pins”. By the time I finished, the new batch was  finished and waiting for a fermenter. But we still had to transfer the beer from one of the fermenters to the newly emptied bright tank.

The first 950 litres of the bright tank transfer went without a hitch. Then the filter glommed up–the last 50 litres were a struggle.

The rest of the students had left by the time we transferred our new wort to the empty  fermenter, pitched the yeast and cleaned up.

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