Day 145

In Strategic Communications, we continued our exploration of the various parts of the media kit that you send to the local media to publicize a special event or announcement.

Last week we discussed the media release, the heart and soul of the Big Announcement. This week we looked at what is called a “backgrounder”–a quick one-page summary of your brewery. This might include a bit of its history–why did it start and when did it start? Has the brewery evolved? What makes it distinct from its competitors?

It’s always a good idea to organize the page a bit, using either a Frequently Asked Questions or Q & A format, or perhaps a narrative style delineated by headings. The tone of your writing is important: can you give a sense of your brewery’s personality through the style of your writing? Do you want to give th impression that it’s a quirky place with quirky beers? Save the whales eco-friendly? Humourous and light-hearted?

We again split up into groups to examine actual backgrounders of various breweries. These were, almost without exception, not very well done. Although some managed to get across an idea of the brewery’s personality, most were missing vital info about the brewery–where it was, when it was founded, the key personalities–and a few were rambling pointless quagmires of trivial information.

Our next assignment is to create a backgrounder for our fictional brewery. Hopefully we will not emulate the “professional” examples we saw today.

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