Day 139

In Brewing Equipment, it was nuthin’ but pumps for three hours: peristaltic, centrifugal, progressive cavity, diaphragm, rotary globe, hydraulic, and many more. Their various advantages and disadvantages. Where in a brewery you would use each type–and where you wouldn’t. If you like mechanical stuff, it was interesting. If you plan to open your own brewery and will have to buy equipment, it was tolerable. Otherwise… thud. Sorry, did I drift off?

On to Chemistry Lab, where we first measured the pH (acidity/alkalinity) of various things like fermenting wort, finished beer, caustic cleanser and sanitizing solution. Pretty Grade 9 stuff, but it’s a good way to get our lab tech on before getting more complicated assignments.

We also took a look at our microbiology samples taken last Thursday from a “clean” table at one of the college lunch counters. As could be predicted, our three petri dishes were all growing a variety of things, including several large patches of green mould, many small hemispherical shiny bumps–likely wild yeast–and several small red, pink and white dots–probably various staphylococci or other bacteria.

And now I shall always see visions of those petri dishes every time I sit down at one of those lunch tables.

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