Day 127

More new classes today, both in the laboratory classroom. First up was the Microbiology lab with Sam Corbeil. Like Tuesday’s Chemistry lab with Sam, we actually have no lab work to do yet since we haven’t had the corresponding lectures. (Both Chem and Bio lectures are Friday afternoons.) So Sam spent 10 minutes covering the course outline, and that was it.

On to Packaging with Doug Pengelly. Like the other brewmaster instructors, Doug has a notable brewing resume. After working for several years in the lab of now-defunct (and greatly mourned) Upper Canada Brewing of Toronto, Doug went to university in California to brush up on his brewing knowledge. Upon his return to Ontario, he started brewing the bready, rich St. Andre Vienna Lager, first out of F&M Brewery in Guelph, now out of Cool Brewing of Toronto.

Back to class. Unlike this morning’s lab, Packaging was no 10-minute class—Doug arrived with three hours worth of lecture, including an outline of what Packaging will cover, a discussion of the various issues on the packaging line, and the hodge-podge of measures and weights that an Ontario brewer has to deal with on a daily basis: metric, US measure and Imperial measure. All of this was interspersed with many personal anecdotes about the Ontario brewing industry.

However, after sitting on a lab stool for three hours, several students talked about bringing lawn chairs to next week’s class–it’s hard to hear the instructor when your derriere is clamouring for attention.

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