Day 97

And so, it begins.

Exams. Finals. The Big One. Crunch time. No tomorrow. Pass or fail. Duh-duh-DUHHHHHH!

Except some nameless clerk somewhere took a lot of the drama out of our first exam for Sensory Evaluation. Roger Mittag’s plan for the exam had been a series of blind tastings of both good beers of various styles (describe appearance, aroma, flavour, mouthfeel, and finish, then identify the exact style of beer, and if possible, the brand of beer), and a couple of beers that actually had discernible off-flavours. Not spiked with artificial flavour chemicals, but just bad on their own. Go through the same process of description and identification, but also identify the fault, and describe where in the brewing process it had happened. Then a short bit of written work, just to confirm we’d paid attention during the theory classes.

It was a great format, and had all of us apprehensive, yet anticipatory.

However, what actually happened is that the aforesaid nameless clerk scheduled the exam for a time when Roger couldn’t be present. Without Roger, no blind tastings. All that was left was the written part of the exam. It didn’t take us long.


Sensory Evaluation without using the senses seemed, well… senseless. Faceless bureaucracy triumphs over good taste again.


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