Day 93

This was the day to come to Business Math if you plan to buy a house sometime. We learned how to calculate CHMC premiums on high ratio mortgages, and then did some further calculations to demonstrate the salutary effect of paying extra lump sums directly against principle.

Then we downed calculators and listened as Professor Tony Cirasuolo took us on a quick jaunt into the world of negotiating mortgage terms (how to find better interest rates, open versus closed mortgages, variable versus fixed rates, allowable lump sum payments and penalties for non-allowable lump sum payments). It was information that could end up saving a home buyer thousands of dollars and many years of mortgage payments. Not so much a math lesson as a life skill lesson.

In the final Intro to Brewing class, Gordo Slater reviewed the information we have covered–which mainly consisted of him walking around the room, pointing at somebody, then asking a question.

“What are the two starches found in barley?”

“If it’s more expensive to have a separate mash tun and lauter tun rather than a combined mash/lauter tun, why spend the money on separate tuns?”

“Why would yeast that has been giving you an attenuation of 77% suddenly only have an attenuation of 74%?”

“Your beer left the brewery bright and clear. Three days later, someone complains that a glass of your beer was hazy. What happened?”

There were a lot of “deer in the headlight” moments. Although we came up with the most of the answers after some false starts and combing through the memory banks, it’s probably a good thing that there’s still six days until the exam.

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