Day 86

In Business Math, we covered a topic that was very familiar to me, perhaps less so for many of my classmates: mortgages. Yep, been there, done that, got the empty bank account to prove it. Even before my wife and I bought our first house, I was always one of those nerdy people who was constantly on the look-out for ways to pay off a mortgage faster–variable rate, accelerated weekly payments, extra payments against principle. There were times when our kitchen table would be covered with sheets of hand-written calculations while I consulted a tiny book that contained nothing but columns of monthly payments at various interest rates and terms.

So it just doesn’t seem fair, now that we’ve paid off  our mortgage, that I learned how to how to do all of those pages of calculations in mere seconds by punching a few buttons on my business calculator. Dang, I feel like going out and buying a new house just so I can use my calculator to figure out the mortgage payments.

In Intro to Brewing, it was all about quality control: do you wait until a problem happens with your beer, then call everyone in on a Saturday to sanitize the entire brewery from top to bottom? Or do you buy some relatively inexpensive testing equipment and proactively test for sources of infection at various points along the beer production line? When you clean either by hand or using automated systems, do you use enough time, the proper temperature, the proper amount of the proper cleanser and the proper force? Do you prepare, rinse, clean, rinse, inspect and sanitize? Or do you just do whatever you have time to do–until a problem crops up with your beer that harms your business and the reputation of the entire craft beer industry?

This class emphasized what Niagara College’s Brewmaster program is trying to do: produce graduates who will take best operating practices into the craft beer workplace and improve the entire industry. Hopefully we’re the start of a movement.

Maybe we should get t-shirts. Or a theme song.


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3 Comments on “Day 86”

  1. Yeah, t-shirts that read “We’re the start of your next movement” or something to that effect. LOL

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