Day 82

Hops has been the central focus of Ingredients for the past few weeks; today was nasty hop problems that continually beset our precious crop, things like as downy mildew, cone tip blight and the evil two-spotted spider mite. (“Evil” is not part of its name.) Then a quick listing of some of the major hop growing regions of the world. Canada isn’t, but apparently China is an up-and-comer in the hop world–it may not be too long until we are trading in our Saaz and Fuggles for Tsingdao and Toyomidori.

But we mustn’t tarry. With only three weeks until exams, it’s time to spend our last few classes learning about water–where we get it, and what we have to do with it before we use it. Warning: there might be some of that chemistry talk.

In business math, the text book examples of annuities are just plain crazy talk: “Gil & Sarah have decided to put $10,000 a year into an annuity for 25 years, starting today. They then want to receive monthly payments that last for 15 years. How much will these monthly payments be, assuming they can get 8.5% compounded monthly for the next 40 years?”

$10,000 per year? An 8.5% return for 40 years? Obviously the textbook author has veered into science fiction.

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3 Comments on “Day 82”

  1. You mean “Peter’s Backyard” was not listed as a major hop growing region? And all that work I’ve (not) been putting into it. LOL

  2. Alan Brown Says:

    I didn’t see Peter’s Backyard on the list, but perhaps I wasn’t paying attention. However, I can now tell you most of the constant perils that threaten your hop cones.

    • Is dog pee one of them? Or perhaps basset chewing? I’m pretty sure I’ve got one of the main insects that like hops as I end up with lacey leaves part way through the season. It doesn’t affect yield at all, though.

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