Day 70

Back in the Teaching Brewery today. Our team was on “joe job” duties today–cleaning kegs, filling kegs and carrying kegs. Although I know how much beer weighs in an abstract way–one litre of (or water) weighs one kilogram–I hadn’t truly appreciated that a 50-litre keg of beer contains 50 kilograms (110 lbs) of beer. Add a few more kilos for the weight of the keg itself and the CO2 that was added, and lugging those around was arduous. (Okay, it was arduous for me. Most of the other students were slinging those kegs around like they were empty. Bah!)

We also moved 500 litres of barleywine from a fermenting tank through a filter to the bright tank. (The bright tank is the last stop for the beer before it gets kegged or bottled.) We also did a bit of bottling and labelling and general cleaning.

As in previous weeks, the first six hours were fine, but around 2:30 p.m., my feet started to tell me, “Dude! Find us a chair!”

But now the work is done, the brewery is spotless–indeed, it is time to find my feet a chair and my fingers a bottle opener.

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