Day 47

Oooog. Starting a Monday with one of Kevin Somerville’s Ingredients tests at 8:30 a.m. Perhaps it was the caffeine by-products swirling through my brain, but in response to “List three problems that naked grains cause to both brewer and maltster”, I found myself writing “Possible protests by the ‘Protect Our Children: Grain Should be Fully Clothed’ movement.” Perhaps not full marks on that question.

After the test, Kevin made us some tea to calm our nerves. Okay, actually he made infusions of various malts including pale malt, rye malt and chocolate malt, so we could compare the actual flavours that the grain will add to our beer.

Back to the post-test lesson. We heard about some essential differences between a few popular malts, and then some evaluatory tests that can be done on barley after harvest: kernel size, nitrogen content, viability, water uptake, moisture content and germination energy/germination capacity.

On to Business Communications: we’re writing a little puff piece about ourselves as a business promotion.

Computer Business Apps: Do you know all of Word’s bells & whistles? Test next week to find out!

Business Math: Suppose your brewpub borrowed some money for ingredients a few months ago at a simple (non-compounding) interest rate of 5.5% per annum, with the plan to repay some of the loan plus accumulated interest, a total of $6000, three months ago, and the balance of the loan in a year, which, with interest, will also equal $6000.  However, you sold less beer than expected and were unable to make your first $6000 payment, which is now 3 months in arrears. Today you have managed to renegotiate with your lender to pay back the loan in two equal payments, one six months from today and the other nine months from today. How much will the two equal payments be?

I put down $0, since the brewpub sounds like it is in trouble, and will likely close before the first payment is due in six months. However, the math professor assured me that the brewpub has just come out with a kick-ass IPA, and will be selling at full capacity from now until Judgement Day, so could I please just do the math? Okay, fine, deny reality. How’s two payments of $6,086.87? Anybody else get the same answer? Anybody?

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2 Comments on “Day 47”

  1. Canageek Says:

    $0 is obviously the wrong answer. “Whatever the liquidator can get for the company at the bankruptcy sale” would be much better.

    I myself have written “Magic Happens” on tests before (5 step derivation: I remembered 1,2,4,5, so I wrote “Magic Happens” for 3, so I could get part marks)

    Other answers I’ve heard of:
    “Oh no, there is an elephant in the way, I can’t answer the question.”

  2. […] have loan payments scheduled but I want to renegotiate the payment dates” problems (see Day 47) and made them even more fun by adding compound interest to the equations. And heck, since […]

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