Day 30

Last week in Sensory Evaluation, we tried to expand our vocabulary of colours. This week, Roger Mittag brought all sorts of mysterious substances in jars and had us describe their aromas. Of course, some things got all sorts of warm and fuzzy descriptors. Caramel’s warm and inviting smell earned “brown sugar”, “toffee”, “caramel apples”, “bread pudding”, “sticky toffee”, “dolce la leche”, “creme caramel”, and “Caramilk bar”.

However, some things clearly didn’t meet the class’s approval. Buckwheat honey was described as “horse blanket”, “horse barn”, “Marmite” and “cat”. Blackstrap molasses was “balsamic”, “worn leather”, and “soy sauce”.

Regardless of the outcome, we are beginning to grasp our ability to to describe sight and smell (and eventually taste) in terms of real-world items that are immediately recognizable rather than abstract words.

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One Comment on “Day 30”

  1. Canageek Says:

    The best author I know for evocative descriptions is H. P. Lovecraft. I’ve got one of his collections if you would like to expand your vocabulary of descriptive words. Admittedly most of them are better used describing your competitors beer then your own….

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