Day 22

Another 3-hour shift in the Teaching Brewery, but no brewing for us today. Since we were on the early shift working on the small 50-litre pilot system two weeks ago, and on the late shift working on the large 5-hectolitre system last week, we worked the middle shift today, and it was our turn to do the non-brewing “joe jobs”. First up was attaching empty used kegs to the keg cleaner, two at a time, for a cycle of washing and sanitizing. Because the kegs are attached and detached to the keg cleaner under pressure, inevitably each of us at one time or another disconnected the wrong line at the wrong time and got sprayed by old beer. Good thing we wear old clothes. Once all the kegs had been cleaned and stored, we moved on to some used casks. We don’t have an automatic cask cleaner, so these we had to do by hand, a laborious task.

With the cleaning complete, it was time to apply labels to bottles. Unfortunately our automatic label applicator was broken, so we had to do the task manually, carefully applying labels (front and back) to each bottle.

At the end of our shift, Jon Dowling announced that we will no longer be working just 3-hour shifts in the Teaching Brewery. Starting next week, each team will come to the brewery once every three weeks for a full 9-hour work day.

I’m looking forward to the change!


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