Day 20

Today I was trapped in a giant confluence of testing–every instructor who could give us a test chose  to give us a test today.

First up was Ingredients. We’ve been given vast amounts of information in only two 3-hour lectures, and it seemed that my memory refused to cough up the right details during parts of the 6-page, 1-hour test. I will have to change my study regime for the next one.

After the test, we had time for a quick coffee before moving on to two hours about malt analysis, a very important topic for brewers. A malt analysis is simply a list of the properties of a batch of malt such as moisture content, colour, diastatic power (how many enzymes have been activated or synthesized) and viscosity. Those properties define how the malt will perform, and a wise brewer will be able to foresee brewing problems. If there is a problem, is it something we can fix with a bodge during the brewing process, or is the malt hopelessly compromised?

Next up was an on-line Computer Applications test. I find on-line tests like these annoying because the testing program has only been programmed to recognize one procedure. If you use a short-cut, you get an “Incorrect”. However, I passed. (The one advantage of on-line testing is that you know whether you passed or failed immediately.)

Then a test in Business Math on bill payments, discounts for early payments, and discounted credits for early partial payments.

That was the end of classes, but not the end of testing–I had an Intro to Brewing test waiting in my email Inbox when I got home.


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