Day 17

Business math this week has been all about cash discounts–how to calculate multiple discounts that might be offered on supplies and purchases, as well as the discount that we would need to offer a potential client in order to to match a competitor’s price. (Curse that interfering competitor!) Then there was the heavy-hearted business of calculating the payment due date of our bills, and how to calculate the discounts we might be offered in the unlikely event that we could pay our bills early.

In Introduction to Brewing, Gordo Slater continued with his multi-part look  the brewery. Last week was a close look at the mash tun. This week we considered the lautering tun (where the sweet runoff–the wort–is separated from the spent grain), the boil kettle (where the wort is boiled and hops are added), the whirlpool (where the discarded proteins and hops remnants–the “trub”–are removed), the heat exchanger (quickly drops the temperature of the wort from boiling to room temperature) and the fermenting tank (where the yeast starts to gobble up the sugars). Each component has various designs, and each design has advantages, issues, and inevitably some compromises.

At the end of Week 3, we are all starting to realize that we’d better have our game face on. We’ve only scratched the surface of many topics, and I’ve already emptied the ink cartridge of a new pen taking notes. We have a 1-hour test to complete this weekend, three more in-class tests on Monday, two major projects due later in the week, and three major projects on the horizon.

But it is Friday, so time for a glass of good beer and let the future stay in the future for a while longer…

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