Day 7

Tuesdays are a bit frustrating for a commuting student like me–my only class is one hour of math right in the middle of the day. We have been told that once we are up to speed in the Learning Brewery, that Tuesday will be a brew day as well, but for the moment, a 130-km commute for one class isn’t a good use of time or gas.

However, there’s no time like homework time, so I arrived before 8 am, and put in 4 hours in the library typing up my lecture notes and reading a chapter of the Brewer’s Handbook (2nd edition) about malting barley before heading off to math.

Business math was more examination of ratios, but with three terms instead of two, and solving for two variables rather than just one.

(From Business Mathematics in Canada, 7th edition by F. Ernest Jerome: “A punch recipe calls for fruit juice, ginger ale and vodka to be mixed in the ratio of 6 : 2.5 : 1. How much fruit juice and vodka should be mixed with a 2-litre bottle of Canada Dry?”)

When I last took math in 1976, I am pretty certain that there were no math problems in my high school textbook about spiking the punch.

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4 Comments on “Day 7”

  1. Ada Says:

    What is your dream job once you finish your studies? Starting your own brewery? Working for an established company?

  2. Canageek Says:

    Off the top of my head:

    Fruit Juice: (2L/2.5)*6
    Vodka: (2L/2.5)*1

    Chemists use this type of math all the time when we do experiments, so that we can re-scale things how we want. It gets a bit longer once you add in units, so you have to convert everything to s standard scale, or when you have concentrations involved.

  3. MRiches Says:

    4.6 L Fruit Juice
    2 L Canada Dry
    .8 L Vodka


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